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November 20, 2019. Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. Portrait of Maria Alejandra and Kristel, two transgender women of origin Tz'utujil, observe Lake Atitlan during a sunny day. One day, while they were still little indigenous children walking through their village, China noticed a scar on the Kristel's back and asked, Kris respons her that her dad had hit her with a wire because he didn't want him to play with homosexuals.

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POY LATAM Second Place in the portrait category
victoria razo
Jan 14, 2021
Location: Guatemala
Muchas gracias POY Latam y a los jurados, por supuesto mi eterno agradecimiento con China y Kris las retratadas en esta fotografía, la cual lleva un lugar muy especial en mi corazón por todo lo vivido en el mágico Lago Atitlán para poder lograrla.

Victoria Razo

Victoria Razo is an award-winning photographer working on Human Rights, gender, migration, and environmental stories.
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